We're celebrating our birthday – and we're still as active as ever

It’s exactly 40 years ago that IWM in Porta Westfalica caught a glimpse of the vast potential of engineering for special purposes. Now we are right in our prime – and our solid teams at both sites – Katowice (Poland) and Porta Westfalica (Germany) – are managing exciting projects together. For the past four decades, there has only ever been one direction for us: Forwards. And even the past few months have been characterised by growth, expansion and change – WE.INSPIRING.ONWARDS.

Picture 1: Die „Happy-Maschine“. Our key visual for the anniversary.

Last year was once again notable for our core competencies. We developed and realised a range of different assembly and testing systems for the automotive sector for seating, chassis and suspension systems, steering systems, as well as combustion, electric and hybrid drive systems. The team has completed many interesting and exciting projects to the satisfaction of our customers. To continue to take IWM forwards into the future, we were able to accept a number of major orders. Customers from all stages of the supply chain have ordered products from us, some tried and tested, some newly developed. One of the orders we received in the autumn of last year was for two highly automated production systems for seat components. Both IWM sites are managing the project jointly and will bring it to completion by the end of the year.

IWM Automation Polska is networking

Our colleagues in Katowice have once again proven themselves to be masters at the art of networking. Since 2019, IWM Automation Polska has been a member of the „Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster”, which belongs to the European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN) and the European Connected Mobility Alliance (ECMA). Here, companies from the automobile industry and manufacturers of advanced production systems work together in the Industry 4.0 field in order to rationalise their production processes, increase productivity, optimise consumption of resources and thereby secure their international competitive standing.

Our unique selling point: Creativity

Development doesn’t have to be boring: Our flexible assembly and punching line for automotive connectors for the electro-mobility vehicles of the future successfully passed the inspection procedure and was awarded patented design protection. With this unique selling point, we can grow our reputation as a creative provider in the sector of engineering for special purposes.

Picture 2: Our new hall extends the production area at our Katowice site to 3,000 m2. Staff will move into the new building this summer.

Preparing for further growth in the core areas at IWM

IWM is currently updating, undergoing structuring and making preparations for future growth in selected business areas and the centres of excellence that will be needed to achieve this. We are also investing in a new IT environment at both sites. At Porta Westfalica, we have already expanded and strengthened our management team and have hired additional staff within various departments. Some positions in programming and mechatronics have still not been filled. In Poland, we have also extended our Katowice site. Our new hall doubles the existing production area to 3,000 m2. Staff will move into the new building this summer. The headcount in Katowice is already growing quickly. Ten new employees have recently joined us there, and another ten brilliant minds are still to come this year. At both sites, we are looking for motivated personnel in practically all areas – experienced engineers, sharp salespeople, efficient programmers, mechatronics experts and trainees. Engineers for construction, control technology, sales, project planning and management, electronics engineers and industrial engineers are right at the top of our list. When training commences on 1 August 2020, we will still have trainee places to fill in Porta Westfalica for industrial engineers, electronic engineers, students of automation technology and mechatronic engineers.

We are currently training seven apprentices in Porta Westfalica. An industrial engineer successfully completed his training during this academic year and was then taken on under a permanent employment contract. Another apprentice is bringing his examinations forward and plans to complete his training one semester earlier.

At IWM, fascinating tasks within a dedicated team and the opportunity to take part in assembly work await all our apprentices. Our apprentices also have excellent prospects of being employed on a permanent basis. To improve training at IWM and make it even more interesting, the Porta Westfalica site has contact with three universities in the region – in Bielefeld, Paderborn and Hanover. Our working student trainees and students benefit in particular from the dual study programmes. The staff at Katowice have also begun collaborating with a university this year: In conjunction with the Silesin University of Technology in Gliwice, IWM Automation Polska is offering a place on the dual mechanical engineering programme. The interest from potential students has been huge and one applicant was successful. Her first practical experience kicked off in June in our design and construction department in Katowice. All our apprentices and students can expect flat management hierarchies, approachable and helpful colleagues and managers and an outstanding working environment – in short, a sense of community, a WE.

Picture 3: Around 20 colleagues lined up at the starting line for the AOK Company Run at the start of July in Herford – the highest number we’ve ever seen!

WE decide

Here at IWM, WE is always at the forefront of everything we do. It is one of the three pillars underpinning our corporate culture. Something which is clearly apparent both in the open communication in our day to day collaboration, as well as in shared activities such as running groups at the individual sites or company celebrations. Hence the traditional family festival went ahead again as normal at the end of June. The motto: „40 Years of IWM” was the main theme of this year’s barbecue, with photos and anecdotes from our company history and a diverse programme of events. We also came up with something special for our anniversary: A new key visual. Our running groups also continue to grow in popularity. Around 20 athletes lined up at the starting line for the AOK Company Run at the start of July in Herford – the highest number we’ve ever seen!

A look at what’s to come over the months ahead

What else is on our programme over the coming months? The breakroom in Porta Westfalica will be renovated. The concept and design are in place and works will begin in July. This will create a more pleasant space for breaks and brainstorming. Occupational health management will also be extended. The respective measures look set to get underway in the second half of the year. The intranet for everyone at IWM has entered the concept phase. There’s quite a lot happening here over the next few months.

Picture 4: Katowice. WE decide. Hence the traditional family festival went ahead again as normal at the end of June. One of the highlights was a photo contest between the Porta Westfalica (right) and Katowice (left) sites.
Picture 5: Porta Westfalica. WE decide. Hence the traditional family festival went ahead again as normal at the end of June. One of the highlights was a photo contest between the Porta Westfalica (right) and Katowice (left) sites.


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